Shar! al-“ikam al-`Atā’iyya
Written by, Sheikh Ibn `Abbad al-Rundi

Among the signs of depending on actions is losing hope in presence of a slip.

Your wanting to leave worldly means while Allah is keeping you in them is due to a
non-obvious lust. And your wanting to engage in worldly means while Allah is keeping
you from them is a fall from high spiritual ambition.

Even the swiftest of spiritual wills cannot pierce the walls of destiny.

Relieve yourself of planning: Don’t try to do what Someone Else has undertaken for

Your striving for what has already been guaranteed to you and your negligence of what
is demanded of you are signs of the loss of your insight.

Don’t let the keeping back of something you are fervently asking for make you despair.
He has guaranteed an answer to your prayers in those things He chooses for you, not in
those things that you choose for yourself, and at the time He wants, not at the time you

Don’t let the nonoccurrence of something promised cause you doubts about the
promise, even if the time for its occurrence was specified, as doing so may strike a blow
to your insight and put out the light of your inner self.

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